SwiftTech Computer Services

From $100

Your Computer is Safe

We all are connected with technologies that make our life easy and smooth, but what if the computer stops working or the WIFI connection is down?

The SwiftTech Team is here to help and restore your tech life.
Our aim is to deliver
The service as FAST as we can,
use the SMART solutions we have,
and ACCURATE finishing.

WiFi issues and networks upgrades

Data backup solutions

Computer and mobile data migration

Mail upgrades

From $100


Business & Residential solutions

SwiftTech provides
Swift, Exceptional, and Proactive I.T. solutions

24/7 support is available with new machines and full solutions.

WiFi issues and networks upgrade

No WiFi? Have you lost your internet connection?

No problem; give us a call, and one of our friendly team members will come to you.

We fix internet and email problems and set up internet connections, routers, and WiFi.

We also design, set up, manage and maintain any network system.

Data Backup Solutions

Keep your precious data and memories safe!

We provide secured data storage and backup solutions. We make sure your data is regularly synchronised and backed up to local or cloud storage, safe from any hardware failure or cyber-attacks.

Computer and mobile data migration

No More worries about any IT issues at your Home or Business, SwiftTech team is always ready to assist and support you.

Need to repair, upgrade modify or buy a new computer? Easy, just contact us, and we will provide the best options to suit your needs.

Mail upgrades

We all are connected with technologies that make our life easy and smooth, Email is the most important tool you need.

We are experts in email upgrade and handling.

From $100